Online Profit Creation – How to Create a Sales Funnel

So how should your earnings funnel be structured?

Of course the idea of a sales funnel is always to present progressively more advanced and higher priced services and products as your subscribers purchase each progressively more advanced level item.

An Example sales funnel may be organised like that:

1) A free product

2) A $10 – $17 product.

3) A 27 – $ 4-7 merchandise

4) A $67 – $97 merchandise

6) A 997 product

7) A 2995 product

8) A 5000 + merchandise

Notice how since the subscriber clickfunnels pricing comparison grows more familiar with your own products, using these and receiving value from your own products, they’ll be happy to invest more and more money?

Now, you might ask, why don’t you simply sell the person that is willing to spend $5000 the 5000 product straight up front? The solution is easy: they won’t spend that with you until they trust you. Plus they grow in trust while they buy higher priced and valuable services and products from you personally.

You can even vary this sales funnel by producing extra services and products at price points which have been among the suggested price points. Or you could change the price points completely – simply retain the notion of an income funnel alive and well.

You could also provide multiple services and products at each point in the sales funnel. You’ve got four $10 services and products, and also three $ 4-7 products, for example.

The main point is, you want to take advantage of your sales funnel to create extra value for your requirements and to the readers on your set, by offering more advanced services and products at higher prices.

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